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Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts is a not for profit organization which offers an accessible and comprehensive program of dance and music instruction accommodating students of all ages and levels of ability.

Our students receive a quality education designed to inspire a lifelong interest in the arts, whether for their personal enjoyment or a professional career.

Please explore our various programs and information. We look forward to seeing you at the Conservatory!

The Conservatory has been a part of my life and dear to my heart for as long as I can remember. I studied ballet, piano and music theory here as a child, and it is such a thrill to return now to support our wonderful students and teachers as their Dean of Music.

Jennifer Farrell, Dean of Music, the Conservatory

Since joining the Conservatory over 30 years ago I have been amazed to see the Dance Program grow from five students to a vibrant, nationally and internationally respected ballet training location.  It is the team of extraordinary dance faculty that has worked this magic.  I am delighted to see children from three years old grow in the programs, and likewise to see seniors thrive in this rich atmosphere of dance and music.

Barbara Dearborn, Dean of Dance, the Conservatory

I love attending the Summer Contemporary Vocal Summit each summer. It’s so much fun meeting people who love singing as much as I do and everyone is so accepting and supportive of one another.

Holly, Student, the Conservatory
As a student, The Conservatory was an inspiring place for me to grow and develop as an artist. The technical training I received there, enabled me to pursue my passion. Returning to teach is like coming home. The students are incredibly thoughtful and eager in their approach while upholding the quality of training that The Conservatory is known for.
Johanna Hillchie, Professional / Private Ballet Instructor - Toronto, ON

As a young dancer at The Conservatory, I was always surrounded by inspiration and imagination. The warm, nurturing environment of the school was crucial in helping me build a solid foundation of dance technique, as well as being a perfect incubator for my passion and artistry to grow.

Hanna Mae Cruddas, Professional Dancer with Canada's Ballet Jorgen

The Conservatory is our home away from home.

Lori, Parent

When the hallways fill with music and voice, there is magic in the air.

Lori, Parent
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