MCPA Association

historic picture of the ConservatoryThe MCPA Association — formerly called the Alumni Association — is a group of people who promote and support the Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts, its students, and its teachers. Our members include graduates, teachers, parents, and others who appreciate the importance of the Conservatory in the cultural life of Halifax and Nova Scotia.

While we work closely with the Conservatory, the MCPA Association is structurally independent. We have our own membership, elected Board, Constitution and By-Laws, and make our own decisions about how to contribute to the Conservatory. The Association is a registered charity in its own right, and we are able to issue tax receipts for donations made directly to us.

One purpose of the Association is to help our members maintain a social connection with MCPA friends. We organize or participate in a variety of events such as Spring and Autumn Dinners and the Donor Appreciation Evening, all occasions at which Conservatory students will often perform.

The activities of the organization are managed by the Officers of the Association, the Board of Directors, and by a number of committees. The Board is very active, and its members are deeply committed to the Association and its role in supporting the Conservatory, its students, and its Faculty members. Board members serve two-year renewable terms. New members are welcomed; if you are potentially interested in joining the Board and would like to find out more about its operations, please contact the President

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How We Support the Conservatory?

We recognize student excellence through two dozen prizes and scholarships awarded annually to MCPA dance and music students. The Association has recently increased the value of many awards and, through the generosity of individual donors, we have added major new awards such as the Angus Campbell/Stephen Sondheim Scholarship for a vocal student, the Rick Foster/Gotshalks Scholarship in dance, and the Sheila Piercey Collaborative Pianist Awards to assist students in covering costs of an accompanist. We also provide support for the Bursary Program that offers assistance to students in financial need.

One of the primary goals of the Association is to provide support for the Conservatory’s students. We do this through a variety of ways, foremost of which is our program of student awards. These include trophies, prizes, scholarships, and medals based on excellence, and bursaries that are based on financial need.

These “Lighthouse Award” trophies honour the memory of two long-serving Directors of the Conservatory, Harry Dean and Ifan Williams. Through the generosity of the Williams Family on behalf of the MCPA Association, these trophies were created in 2010 by Nova Scotian Crystal.

The Harry Dean “Lighthouse Award”: awarded to a student piano or instrumental student, age 14-19 inclusive, or to a senior voice student, age 17 to 24 inclusive.

Born in Yorkshire, Harry Dean (1879-1956) trained there as well as in Germany. He was Director of the Halifax Conservatory of Music (1906-1934) and subsequently of the Maritime Academy of Music (1934-1954). The long-standing conductor of the Orpheus Choir and its successor the Halifax Philharmonic Society Choir, Dr. Dean also served as organist and choirmaster of Fort Massey Presbyterian (later United) Church for almost fifty years.

The Ifan Williams, F.R.A.M. “Lighthouse Award”: awarded to a junior piano or instrumental student, age 10 to 13 inclusive, or to a junior voice student, age 12 to 16 inclusive.

A graduate and later Fellow of London’s Royal Academy of Music, Welsh-born Ifan Williams Sr. (1889-1957) was invited to Halifax to head the violin, chamber music, and orchestral departments of the Halifax Conservatory of Music. A gifted teacher and administrator, he was Director of the Conservatory from 1934 until his untimely death. During the Second World War, Mr. Williams also served as Professor of Music at Acadia University.

MCPA Association Angus Campbell – Stephen Sondheim Scholarship
$400 to a voice student performing a Sondheim Musical Theatre composition (either lyrics or music by Sondheim). This is an auditioned award.

Since childhood, MCPA Association member Angus Campbell has been a musical theatre fan and soon was hooked on the lyrics and music of Stephen Sondheim. Mr. Campbell believes in supporting students who are not afraid to rise to the challenges that Mr. Sondheim’s compositions present. To quote his most famous anthem, “I’m just a Broadway Baby.”

MCPA Rick Foster-Gotschalk Scholarship
$500 tuition to a student at least 12 years of age registered in either the Diploma or Senior Certificate Program. This is an auditioned award.

This award for a student in the Professional Program of the Faculty of Dance is made possible through the generosity of MCPA Association member and local realtor Rick Foster. It honours husband and wife Jury Gotshalks and Irene Apiné. They were originally from Latvia and were invited to come to Halifax where, in 1947, they created the Conservatory’s first dance programme. They also founded the Halifax Gotshalks Ballet Company which toured extensively through the region. Some years later the Gotshalks were invited by Celia Franca to join the fledging National Ballet of Canada as Lead Dancers.

MCPA Association Sheila K. Piercey Collaborative Pianist Awards
These awards provide financial support to voice students at the Conservatory to assist them with accompaniment costs. Up to six MCPA Association Sheila K. Piercey Collaborative Pianist Awards will be available each year for voice students who apply for an auditioned MCPA award.

One of Canada’s preeminent operatic sopranos, Haligonian Sheila Kathleen Piercey’s first vocal coaches were her mother Lilian Piercey and Leonard Mayoh. She continued her studies with Dr. Ernesto Vinci at the Royal Conservatory of Music and the University of Toronto Opera School. Joining the Canadian Opera Company in 1957, Sheila became one of its most versatile and best loved stars, performing 22 different roles in 16 COC tours. Having “a natural vivacity” and “a clear, flexible, rich voice”, she was “outstanding in comedy and soubrette roles.” On retirement, Sheila returned to Halifax as an avid supporter of the performing arts in Nova Scotia. Miss Piercey is especially passionate about helping talented young people realize their full potential. She is also a long-time member and supporter of the MCPA Association.

MCPA Association Audrey Weir Prize: $100 for a dance student.

MCPA Association Audrey Weir Prize: $100 for a music student.

MCPA Association Audrey Weir Prize: $100 for a voice student.

Audrey Weir was a student of Latvian opera singer Maris Vetra who joined the Conservatory’s vocal department after the Second World War. She also studied piano and theory. She obtained her Licentiate in Music from Dalhousie, where she sang in many opera productions. Audrey taught voice at the Conservatory and has been an active member of the Association for many years.

MCPA Association Mrs. A.E. Aines Piano Prize: $100 to a student in music Grades I-V.

MCPA Association Mrs. A.E. Aines Violin Prize: $100 prize to a student in music Grades I-V.

Ella Aines (1914-2003) was both a student and for some years a teacher of piano at the Conservatory. Babs—as she was known—was a lifelong supporter of the Conservatory and the MCPA Association.

MCPA Association Gunter Buchta Dance Scholarship: $200 tuition to a dance student.

Gunter Buchta immigrated to Canada from Germany in 1950 and that same year was invited to organize the ballroom dance department at the Conservatory; he remained Head of the department for 30 years. Mr. Buchta was also the choreographer of the Don Messer’s Jubilee television show where the Buchta Dancers performed.

MCPA Association Laing-Porter Founders Scholarship: $500 tuition to a student in music or dance.

With this scholarship, the MCPA Association honours two of the Conservatory’s founders, the Rev. Robert Laing, MA (1841-1919) and Charles Henry Porter (1856-1929). Born in Scotland, Robert Laing was educated both there and in Quebec. He completed his theological studies at the University of Edinburgh. From 1878 to 1891 he served as minister of St. Matthew’s Church in Halifax, then the largest Presbyterian church in the Maritimes. He was associated with the Halifax Conservatory and Ladies’ College from the very beginning, serving as Secretary and driving force of the founding committee. In 1887 Laing became the Principal of the two organizations, filling the position with great success until his death twenty-two years later.

Charles Henry Porter, an American, followed his musician brother to Halifax in the 1870s, where Charles became organist at St. Matthew’s. He subsequently studied for several years at the Royal Conservatory in Leipzig. Returning to Halifax, Porter resumed his position as organist and choir master at St. Matthew’s (a position he held until 1906), where he worked closely with the Minister, the Rev. Laing. Their working relationship continued at the Halifax Conservatory: when Robert Laing became Principal, Charles Porter accepted the position as Director of the Conservatory. It was under Porter’s leadership that the Conservatory expanded rapidly and entered into a formal affiliation with Dalhousie, whereby the university would award a Bachelor of Music degree to students who had completed a prescribed course of study at the Conservatory. In 1900 Charles Porter left the Conservatory to become an insurance executive, first in Halifax and subsequently in the United States, where he died in 1929.

MCPA Association Mary Parker Freeman Cello Prize: $100 prize to a cello student.

The Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts Association makes this prize available each year for a student of the cello in memory of former Association member Mary Parker Freeman.

MCPA Association Bernadette Jamieson Scholarship: $100 tuition to a student in music or dance.

Bernadette Jamieson (1922-1996) studied piano and organ with Harry Dean before joining the piano and theory departments at the Conservatory. She was a mezzo-soprano in the Armdale Glee Club and a long-time member of the Conservatory Association.

MCPA Association Hazel Paul Piano Prize: $100 prize to a piano student.

Hazel Victoria Paul (1910-2005), a native Haligonian, graduated from the Maritime Business Academy and was Director of Private Admitting at the Victoria General Hospital for 38 years. She was a Life Member of the Conservatory Association.

MCPA Association Elsie Taylor Piano Scholarship: $300 tuition to a Grade VIII level piano student under age 17. This is an auditioned award.

Elsie Taylor, a piano student of Conservatory Director Percy Gordon, was awarded the Conservatory Scholarship for 1901-1902. Like several of her contemporaries and following in the footsteps of her teacher, Elsie continued her studies at Leipzig. She began teaching at the Conservatory in 1906, serving from 1934 until her retirement as Head of the Piano Department.

MCPA Association Adult Progress Prize: $100 prize to a student age 22 or over, not pursuing full time studies elsewhere, who is studying piano, voice, or an orchestral instrument.

MCPA Association Musical Theatre Prize: $100 prize to a musical theatre student.

MCPA Association Junior Dance Prize: $100 prize to a junior dance student.

MCPA Association Senior Dance Prize: $100 prize to a senior dance student.

MCPA Association Honouree Prize: $100 prize to a student of dance or music.

Each year a prize is awarded to a student of music or dance in the name of each individual who, during the current academic year, has been honoured as a Life Member of the MCPA Association.

Medals are awarded at Convocation to Conservatory music students in each grade of each discipline with the highest mark over 80% of the winter and spring examinations combined.

The MCPA Association also provides a number of bursaries annually to students in the dance and music programs. Bursaries are awarded on the basis of financial need.

The Conservatory has wonderful teaching staff—fine musicians in their own right and talented as instructors. Like all professionals, Faculty members are committed to expanding their own skills as teachers and performers. The Association has recently partnered with the MCPA Board in providing assistance to teachers through a new program of Professional Development Fellowships. Our involvement in the Fellowship program is made possible due to the generosity of Ken and Gloria Mader.

As a young Faculty member at the Conservatory, one of Dr. Jennifer Farrell’s dreams was that MCPA would one day create a fellowship program to assist teachers in continuing their development both creatively and as instructors. After she was appointed Dean of Music, she set about working to bring this goal to fruition, and the Conservatory’s Board rose to the challenge.

On hearing of this initiative, the MCPA Association’s Board immediately wondered whether our Association could participate. Here was the ideal opportunity for the Association to expand our range of programs in a way that would support a group that has formed a critical core of Association membership for almost a century—the Conservatory’s teachers. But how could we fund this new program?

Fortuitously, the Association had recently received a very generous donation from two of our long-standing members, Ken and Gloria Mader. What better use for their contribution than for the Association to join the MCPA Board as co-sponsors of the Professional Fellowship Program? When approached, the Maders graciously agreed that our new awards be called the MCPA Association Ken and Gloria Mader Professional Development Fellowships.

The Fellowships allow MCPA Faculty members “to continue to develop both creatively and as teachers.” The program “is designed to inspire [them] to remain actively engaged with their own artistic and pædagogical development”. Teachers might, for example, want to attend master classes or workshops focusing on upgrading specific skills, or they might wish to work towards another qualification as a performer or teacher.

The Professional Development Fellowship Program is now in its third year. It has been highly successful, and we hope that in time we will be able to expand both the number and value of the awards we are able to offer each year.

From the beginning almost a century ago, the MCPA Association has offered many forms of financial support to the Conservatory in addition to our regular contributions to student award programs and assistance to the Faculty. We confer regularly with MCPA staff so we are aware of what the needs are.

Over the years the association offered support for a wide range of projects. We have paid for curtains for the stages in various homes of the Conservatory. Pianos have been purchased and maintained, and we have provided music stands and chairs for several auditoriums. We have assisted with new floors for dance studios and have covered the cost of painting rooms in many of the Conservatory’s homes over the past hundred years. The Faculty Lounge and kitchen in MCPA were designed, built, and furnished with Association funds, as was the Front Desk and administrative office area.

The support we provide comes both from the Association itself and from individuals who donate to us for specific projects. Last autumn the Association was one of the sponsors of the Faculty of Dance’s excellent production of The Happy Prince, and we made a significant contribution to rebuilding the DesBrisay piano. With the support of individuals, the Conservatory’s concert harpsichords have been restored (David Mercer), lighting throughout the Conservatory improved (Paul Eldridge), ornamental bushes planted on the Conservatory’s grounds (Christoper Hopgood), and the costs covered for a Masterclass for the Conservatory’s new Musical Theatre program (David Pigot, in memory of his wife Mary McMurray Pigot). In the upcoming year, the Association has offered to cover the cost of regulating and voicing the Concert Grand in the Lilian Piercey Concert Hall donated some years ago by Association member Judith Grant, and David Pigot has made a further generous contribution in support of the Musical Theatre program.

The Score

The MCPA Association is an active organization whose focus for almost a century has been support of the Conservatory, its Faculty, and its students. To help Association members stay abreast both of the Association’s activities and the vibrant life of the Conservatory, we publish a newsletter called The Score. Recent copies of the newsletter are found below.

Board of Directors

The Executive Officers of the MCPA Association
and the Members of the Board of Directors

Treasurer: Angus Campbell
Recording Secretary: Vaila Mowat
Corresponding Secretary: Joan Cunningham
Membership Co-ordinator: Dr. Gary Brooks
Margaretta Brown
Bill Chaddock
Daryl Chaddock
Edie Hancock
Patricia Walsh MacNeil
Frances Royle
Diana Rutherford
Wayne Thompson
Carol von Syberg

Honorary Life Members of the Association

MCPA Association Honouree TrophyMany people have made exceptional contributions to the Association and to the Conservatory. In recognition, the Association some years ago moved to name such individuals Honorary Life Members. Their names are engraved on the beautiful Honouree Trophy created for us by Nova Scotia Crystal that is housed in the display cabinet, and a prize is awarded in the name of the honouree to a deserving student at Convocation the following spring. Members of the MCPA Association are encouraged to nominate deserving people for this honour. Details are provided in the MCPA Association Life Membership Policy below.

It is not surprising that an organization that has been consistently active for almost a century will have generated a good deal of information relating to its activities. Despite being a volunteer organization and one that has having moved many times over that period, the Association retains much of that historical material. Many decades ago the Association had the foresight to appoint one of its members as archivist to ensure that the existing resources were organized and that new material is added regularly.

The Association’s Archive is an important source of information about the organization itself and also about the Conservatory which does not maintain an archive. We welcome enquires and members of the community may consult the Archive by contacting the Association’s Archivist.

To provide potential users of the Archive with a sense of how it operates and of the material held, see below for the MCPA Association Archival Policy and for the Index of Material currently held. The later is a work-in-progress, since material is added regularly tp the Archive.

The usefulness of an archive increases in direct proportion to the amount of information it contains. If anyone has material—such as minutes, programs, posters, correspondence, graduation and concert programs, lists of student awards winners, photographs, obituaries, academic calendars, etc.—relating to any aspect of the Association’s or Conservatory’s activities or to anyone associated with either of these organizations, we would be delighted to have it. Please contact the archivist [].

The year the person was named a Life Member is given at the left.

(2004, 2014) Judith Grant
(2004) Shirley Blois Lindsay (1917-2004)
(2004) Hazel Paul (1910-2005)
(2004) Lilian Piercey (1909-2006)
(2004) Hugh Vincent
(2012) Katherine Pye (1913-2012)
(2015) Marie Himmelman Smyth
(2015) Carolyn Mossman
(2016) Margaretta Williams Brown
(2016) Carol von Syberg

1.1 Members who have given exemplary service to the Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts Association may be named Honorary Life Members.

2.0 Selection Criteria
2.1 An Individual designated as an Honorary Life Member shall normally have been an active Member of the MCPA Association for at least 10 years.
2.2 Additionally, she or he shall have contributed in one or more of the following ways:
a. provided financial support to the Association or the Conservatory;
b. served on the Board of the Association; or,
c. given assistance at Association events.
2.3 Normally not more than one individual a year will be named an Honorary Life Member of the MCPA Association.

3.0 Rights and Privileges of Honorary Life Members
3.1 Honorary Life Members shall:
a. have all the privileges of a Member as outlined in the Association’s Constitution; and,
b. be exempt from paying dues.

4.0 Nomination Procedure
4.1 No later than August 1st each year, the President will circulate a request to Members of the Association asking for suggestions of individuals to be considered for the designation of Honorary Life Member.
4.2 Any Member of the Association, including members of the Honorary Life Membership Committee, may propose names to be considered.
4.3 Nominations of possible honourees, signed by one or more Members of the Association, and outlining the nature of the individual’s contributions [see clause 2, above], shall be submitted to the President of the Association.
4.4 The annual deadline for receipt of nominations by the President shall be September 1st.

5.0 The Honorary Life Membership Committee [see also: Clause 7 of the Constitution]
5.1 The purpose of the Honorary Life Membership Committee is:
a. to receive from the President the names of individuals proposed by Members to be considered for the designation of Honorary Life Member;
b. to review these nominations and present one name to the Board for its consideration;
c. to maintain a file of those who have been proposed in previous years but who have not yet been honoured.

6.0 Selection Procedure
6.1 The President will provide the Honorary Life Membership Committee, a Standing Committee of the Board, with the names of all of those who have been proposed as Honourees.
6.2 The Committee will review the names received, along with the statements of the basis of support, and it will also consider the names of individuals who have been nominated in previous year but who have not yet been honoured.
6.3.1 The Committee will normally present one name for the consideration of the Board at its September meeting.
6.3.2 The Board will vote at that meeting on the acceptance of the name(s) proposed by the Committee.
6.3.3 In the event, however, that the person to be proposed as the year’s honouree is a current member of the Board, the Committee shall canvas the other Board Members by e-mail or telephone to determine whether they support the nomination of the proposed honouree.
6.3.4 In such an instance, the chair of the Committee will inform the President of the Board’s collective decision.
6.5.4 The individual selected as the year’s Honouree will be informed by the President of the Board’s decision.

7.0 Honouring the Recipient
7.1 Individuals named as Honorary Life Members of the Association will be honoured in three ways:
a. at an Association event such as a dinner or the AGM;
b. by having a prize in their name awarded at the following Convocation [see clause 8]; and,
c. by having their name engraved on a commemorative trophy that will be displayed permanently at the Conservatory.

8.0 The MCPA Association Honouree [name of individual] Prize
8.1 The Association will normally offer an annual prize named in honour of the individual selected as that year’s Honorary Life Member.
8.2 This prize will be named the MCPA Association Honouree [name of the individual] Prize.
8.3 Any student at the Conservatory in any discipline will be eligible to be considered for this award.
8.4 The value of the Prize will be determined annually by the Board.
8.5 The recipient of the Prize will be selected by the MCPA’s Student Awards Committee.
8.6 The individual named in the award will be invited to present the Prize at Convocation.

Approved: May 11, 2015

Margaretta is truly a child of the Conservatory: when she was born, her father Ifan Williams Sr. was its Director and her mother Eileen was already active in what was then called the Alumni Association. The Conservatory and the Association have continued to be central to Margaretta’s life, the scope and duration of her involvement so extensive as to be unprecedented. How many people can note with pride that they have worked continuously in support of an arts organization for seven decades?

As a youth Margaretta was a voice student of Teodor Brilts, and a good one. She also studied the violin with her father —but says she was always a reluctant performer. Socially skilled even when very young, Margaretta mentioned to me recently that she remembers helping her mother at Conservatory events when she was ten! She has childhood memories of Faculty parties at her family home in Glen Haven: her job was to make pan after pan of dinner rolls—surely good practice for what was to come. It is difficult to imagine the number of functions Margaretta has been involved with over the years, first as helper, then as organizer. Year after year—while her father was Director, then during the fifteen years her husband Ross was chair of the Board of Governors or, more recently, the decade when her brother Ifan assumed the position of Director—Margaretta has graciously and effectively played her role. Highly organized, a delight to work with, efficient and effective, always a Lady…

Throughout all these years Margaretta Brown has been a central figure of the Association—as a Member, serving on the Board of Directors, as President, member, and the convener of events without number: card parties, teas, dances, fashion shows, gala concerts, luncheons, and—most of all—the Association’s dinners.

Carol (Moulton) von Syberg was born in Halifax, and her interest in, and talent for, music came naturally. Her mother was a pianist who had studied at Boston’s New England Conservatory at a time when it had close links with the Halifax Conservatory of Music, a result of early Directors of each institution having been fellow students at the Leipzig Royal Conservatory.

Carol began her piano studies at the Conservatory when it was at its original home on Barrington Street, but her mother thought that her teacher there was too mannered at the keyboard and, concerned that Carol was beginning to emulate her, arranged for a transfer to Harry Dean who had left his position as Director of the Conservatory to found the Maritime Academy of Music. Mr. Dean also taught a course in the History of Music in which Carol and Jean Ring were fellow classmates. He introduced the class to opera via Wagner’s Ring Cycle; Carol has commented that she disliked opera from that moment until her husband Paul von Syberg, a talented baritone, reintroduced her to the medium many years later.

Carol also recalls a childhood memory of a copy of Sir Arthur Sullivan’s The Lost Chord sitting on the piano and wishing that she could play it. The opening line of the song is “Seated one day at the organ…”, and those words were to prove prophetic, because she soon added organ to her piano studies, taking lessons at Fort Massey United Church where Mr. Dean was organist from 1906 until 1953.

Carol recalls that the church was unheated in the winter and Mr. Dean telling her to get a pair of gloves and cut off the ends of the fingers! Carol also remembers how scary the church with its carved gargoyles became as the light faded at the end of a short winter day. Later Carol continued her organ studies with Dr. Maitland Farmer (on the Saint Matthias Church organ), and then with Graham Steed at St. Mary’s Basilica. In later years Carol served as organist at Edgewood United Church, then at J. Wesley Smith United (the church her family attended when she was young), and finally at St. Mary’s Basilica.

Carol also studied theory with Rita Morton; for many years Carol has donated a scholarship in Rita Morton’s memory, just one of the student awards at the Conservatory she personally funds; Rita Morton is remembered “for her many hours of dedication to students” and Carol in this regard has definitely followed in her footsteps.

To complete her musical training, Carol attained her Licentiate in teaching at London’s Royal Schools of Music.

Subsequently she has taught at the Conservatory for decades, for many of them serving as Chair of the Piano Faculty. Carol has taught many excellent students whom she has supported in every way and who have often gone on to significant careers in music. When her own students performed at Conservatory concerts, they were—and are—notable for their confidence based on meticulous preparation.

Carol has been a member of the Association Board from at least the late 1960s and has held various executive positions with distinction, including a period in the 1990s as President. For many years, Carol has also been involved with Daryl Chaddock in organizing the Silent Auctions for the Association’s fundraisers. She has also served with distinction on the Conservatory’s Student Awards Committee, which required that she attend student performances throughout the year—something that Carol in her conscientious manner could be counted upon to do.

Carol has also been a supporter of other organizations including the Halifax Ladies’ Musical Club and the Nova Scotia Registered Music Teachers’ Association, of which she is both a past president of the Halifax Chapter and a Life Member.

It may be Carol von Syberg’s quiet and unassuming competence that is her most distinguishing feature. Working discreetly and effectively, she prefers to toil and contribute behind the scenes, rather than in more public ways. An invaluable support for successive Presidents of the Association, she provides background information, historical memory, excellent judgement, and corrections of draft minutes. And Carol always agrees to help whenever she is asked, bringing her positive attitude to everything she does.

The Archive

It is not surprising that an organization that has been consistently active for almost a century will have generated a good deal of information relating to its activities. Despite being a volunteer organization and one that has having moved many times over that period, the Association retains much of that historical material. Many decades ago the Association had the foresight to appoint one of its members as archivist to ensure that the existing resources were organized and that new material is added regularly.

The Association’s Archive is an important source of information about the organization itself and also about the Conservatory which does not maintain an archive. We welcome inquiries and members of the community may consult the Archive by contacting the Association’s Archivist.

To provide potential users of the Archive with a sense of how it operates and of the material held, see below for the MCPA Association Archival Policy and for the Index of Material currently held. The latter is a work in progress, since material is added regularly to the Archive.

The usefulness of an archive increases in direct proportion to the amount of information it contains. If anyone has material—such as minutes, programs, posters, correspondence, graduation and concert programs, lists of student awards winners, photographs, obituaries, academic calendars, etc.—relating to any aspect of the Association’s or Conservatory’s activities or to anyone associated with either of these organizations, we would be delighted to have it. Please contact the archivist, Dr. Gary P. Brooks [].

1.0 MCPA Association Archives
1.1 The MCPA Association maintains an archive of material related to its activities and history.

2.0 The Archivist
2.1 The Association Archivist is an Officer of the Association and of the Board, elected by the Board.
2.2 It is the responsibility of the Archivist to ensure that the material specified below [see Clause 3] is collected, organized, and included in the Association Archives.
2.3 When requested, Officers of the Association will provide the Archivist with copies of materials for which they are responsible (e.g., minutes or financial records).
2.4 The Archivist will maintain an Index of material housed in the Association’s Archives.
2.5 She or he will date the material when possible and will attempt to provide supporting information (e.g., the names of Association members who appear in photographs).
2.6 In the event that material is given to the Association Archivist that is deemed to be more relevant to the operation or the history of the Conservatory itself, she or he will ensure that it is given to the MCPA Archivist or such other individual responsible for maintaining the Conservatory’s records.

3.0 Material Collected for Inclusion in the Archives
3.1 Although not intended as an exhaustive list, the following types of material will be collected for inclusion in the Archives:
a. printed copies of the Conservatory’s Academic Calendars;
b. copies of the agendas of meetings of:
• the AGM and other meetings of the Association;
• the Association Board; and,
• any committees for which an agenda is prepared and distributed to committee members.
c. copies of the minutes of meetings of:
• the AGM and other meetings of the Association;
• of the Association Board; and,
• of any committees for which minutes are recorded and distributed to committee members.
d. copies of the Association’s Constitution and By-Laws;
e. information related to Convocation (e.g., programs, lists of award and medal winners);
f. copies of correspondence that are significant in the life of the Association;
g. material related to Association events such as dinners, fund-raising affairs, student-related gatherings, including, but not restricted to, the following:
• invitations;
• posters; and,
• post-event reports.
h. financial records of the Association;
i. information relating to the history of MCPA Association;
j. lists of:
• members of MCPA Association;
• members of the Board of MCPA Association; and,
• the officers of the Association and Board.
k. communications to Association members collectively, including newsletters;
l. newspaper reports and press clippings of relevance to the Association and its members;
m. obituaries and other biographical information of Association members;
n. photographs of Association members and events;
o. copies of individual policies and policy manuals and of the Association;
p. programs of Association events such as recitals, dinners, and other fund-raising events;
q. written reports presented at meetings of the Association or of the Board including, but not restricted to, those of the President, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Coordinator, Archivist, and Board Committees; and,
r. information regarding the Association’s student awards, including bursaries, medals, prizes, and scholarships.

4.0 Reports of the Archivist
4.1 The Archivist will present a report to the Board or the Association when requested to do so by the President.

Approved: June 1, 2015

As of March 24, 2017

Academic Calendars [note: the Association Archives contain the only known copies of the Academic Calendars for the years 1894/5 to 1908/9 and for some other early years; note as well that the MCPA Archives contain fairly extensive holdings of more recent Calendars] Academy of Music
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Annual Dinners
Annual General Meetings (AGM) [see also: Minutes and Agendas] Archives
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DesBrisay File
Dinners [see: Fund Raising] Directors of the Conservatory [see also: Individuals] • Williams, Ifan Sr.
Donor Appreciation Event [Sponsored jointly by MCPA and the MCPA Association] Executive [see: Board of MCPA Association] Extraordinary General Meetings
• December 5, 2017 [to change the Constitution as required by CRA] Faculty Handbooks
• School of Dance
• School of Music
Faculty Members [see also: Dance, Individuals and Music, Individuals] • Lists of Teachers
Festival [Competitive Musical Festival, 1935-1941] • Programs
Financial [see also: Fund Raising Association Events, Minutes of Board meetings] • Agreements with Conservatory
• Correspondence
• Receipt Books
Financial Statements [see also: Minutes of Board meetings] Fund Raising A ssociation Events
• Dinners
o Financial Statements
o Menus
• Other Fund Raising Events
o Financial Statements
• tickets, programmes, publicity, etc.
Halifax Ladies Musical Club
• Historical Sketch, 1905-1976, by Dr. Vega Dawson [contains a biography of Dr. Dawson as a preface] History of Association [see also: Executive, members of] • General
• Name changes of the Association
• 100th Anniversary of Association (20121)
• 100th Anniversary of MCPA [see also: Invitations, Miscellaneous] History of the Conservatory [see also: Homes of the Conservatory; Honourees; Individuals; etc.] • Correspondence
Homes of the Conservatory [see: Individuals, Ross Brown] • Auxiliary homes: Granville Street
• Barrington Street (Pleasant Street)
• Chebucto School
• Henry Street [see: Harry Dean] • Miscellaneous
• Philae Temple, College Street
• Sacred Heart
• Spring Garden Road
• St. Mary’s College
• The Oakes
Honourees [see: Life Members] Honouree Trophy
Individuals [see also: MCPA, Directors; Life Members; Obituaries; Student Awards] • Aines, Mrs. A.E.
• Beare-Bone, Marjorie
• Briltz, Teodor [voice teacher, d. c. 1976] • Brown, Margaretta [see: Life Members] • Brown, Ross
• Brownell, Dr. Jack [see: MCPA: Directors: Brownell, J.] • Buchta, Gunter
• Campbell, Ian [see: MCPA: Directors: Campbell, I.] • Chaddock, Daryl
• Cunningham, Joan
• Dambers, Madam Marie
• Dawson, Dr. Vega [see: Halifax Ladies Musical Club] • Dean, Harry [see: MCPA: Directors: Dean, Harry] • DesBrisay, Bligh [see: Obituaries and separate DesBrisay File] • DesBrisay, Ella [see: DesBrisay file] • Fordham, Arthur
• Fordham, Nora
• Fram, Peg
• Fraser, Jean
• Guilford, Fred M.
• Holmes, Mary [2013 bequest to MCPA] • Jamieson, Bernadette T.
• Laing, Rev. Robert Laing [1841-1919] First Principal of Conservatory and Ladies’ College
• Latoff, David
• Lindsay, Shirley Blois [1917-2004] • Longard, Evelyn O.
• Mackintosh, James Crosskill, Founder [1839-1924] • Mackintosh, Kate [1853-1923] • McGowan, Gordon [see: MCPA: Directors: McGowan, G.] • McMurray, Mary {see: Pigot, Mary McMurray] • Mercer, David
• Merritt, Dr. John, Louise, Marilla, and Janice
• Payne, Annette
• Piercey, Lilian
• Pigot, Mary McMurray
• Porter, Charles Henry [1856-1929] First Director of the Conservatory
• Pye, Katherine [see: Life Members] • Rutherford, Margaret (Mrs. J.M.)
• Vinci, Dr. Ernesto
• von Syberg, Carol
• Williams, Ifan, Jr. [see: MCPA: Directors: Williams, Ifan, Jr.] • Williams, Ifan, Sr. [see: MCPA: Directors: Williams, Ifan, Sr.] • Williams Family
• Wyman, H.R. [see: MCPA: Directors: Wyman, H.R.] Invitations [see also: Convocations, Invitations to] • miscellaneous
Life Members [see also: Honouree Trophy] • Call for Nominations
• Individuals
o Brown, Margaretta [2016] o Grant, Judith [2004, 2014] o Lindsay, Shirley Blois [2004] o Paul, Hazel [2004] o Piercey, Lilian [2004] o Potter, Carl [2004] o Pye, Katherine [2012] o Smyth, Marie Himmelman [2015] o Vincent, Hugh [2004] o von Syberg, Carol [2016] • MCPA Association Honorary Life Membership Policy
• Acts of Incorporation
• Annual General Meetings
• Board of Governors
o Constitution and By-Laws
o Corporate Governance Document
• By-Laws
o By-Laws 2008
o By-Laws 2016
• Chairs of the Board
o Brown, Ross [see: Individuals: Brown, Margaretta and Ross] o Campbell, Ian
• Changes of name
o Halifax Conservatory of Music to Maritime Conservatory of Music
• Directors
o Brownell, Jack
o Dean, Harry
o McGowen, Gordon
o Mizerit, Karlo (sp?)
o Williams, Ifan Jr.
o Williams, Ifan Sr.
• Financial Statements
• History of the Conservatory
• Homes, Information about [see also: Photographs—Homes
o Sacred Heart
Master Classes
MCPA Association [see also: Minutes of the Executive Committee and of the Board] • Stationary, cards, etc.
• Members of the Board
• Presidents
• Statements of Purpose
MCPA Faculty Association
• Correspondence with MCPA Association
Membership in Association
• Invitation to Join the Association
• Membership Lists
Minutes and Agendas [see also: Committees] • Annual and Board Meetings [filed together] • Bursary Committee [Joint MCPA and MCPA Association Bursary Committee] • Executive Committee
• Scholarship Committee
• Individuals
o Brilts, Teodor
o Vinci, Ernesto
Newsletters of the Association
Nominating Committee [see: Report] Obituaries [a file of obituaries is also held in the MCPA Archives and for those after whom a Student Award is named, most information will be found in the individual files for each Student Award currently held in the office of the Dean of Music] In addition, obituaries are filled as follows:
• Obituaries: A-E
• Obituaries: F-L
• Obituaries: M-P
• Obituaries: Q-Z
• Among the many obituaries in the archives are those for the following individuals:
o Aines, Ella W. (d. 2003, age 89) {see: Student Award files} [student and teacher of piano; a student award in her name is awarded each year] o Beare, Marjorie (1925-2017)
o Buchta, Gunter (d.1997 at age 73) {see: Student Awards files}
o Conrod, Jean Frances (d. 2005)
o DesBrisay, Bligh: [d.1990] o DesBrisay, Ella: c. 1990
o Dietz, Robert [1924-1999] o Fraser, Jean (1908-2007) {see: Student Awards files } [student; teacher] o Jackson, Hester (1921-2007) {see: Student Award files} [student; a student award in her name is awarded each year] o Jones, Stella Jean (Earle) [student; member of MCPA Association] o Lewis, Daurene (d. 2013, age 69) [Board Member, 2008-2010] o Lindsay, Olive Shirley (Blois) (1917-2004) {see: Student Award files} [a student award in her name is awarded each year] o MacKay, Lillian Marcella (d. 2007, age 78) {see: Student Award files}
o McCurdy, Margaret Kinsman (1905-1999)
o Merritt, Louise Tapley (c.1906-2000)
o Morrison, Cecelia (d. 1997) (teacher, retiring in 1994] o Myers, Irene Beatrice (d. 1989)
o Paul, Hazel Victoria (d. 2005, age 95) {see: Student Award files} [student; member of MPCA Association; an annual student prize is awarded in her name] o Piercey, Lilian [see: Life Members: Lilian Piercey] o Pye, Katherine (1913-2012, age 99) [Member of Faculty and long-time member of the MCPA Association] [See: Life Members: Katherine Pye] o Silverman, Julius (d. 2004, age 96) {see: Student Award files} [an endowed scholarship is named after him and his wife] o Silverman, Sara (d. 2004, age 94 {see: Student Award files} [an endowed scholarship is named after him and his wife] o Vogler, Eveline (d. 2002)
Opera Nova Scotia
Photographs and Images [see also: Press Clippings] • Homes of the Conservatory
• Miscellaneous (i.e., unsorted)
• To Identify
Policy Manual of the MCPA Association
Press Clippings [see also: Dance, Press Clippings] • Dance
• Miscellaneous (i.e., unsorted)
• refile in individual obituary files Obituaries
Professional Development Fellowships for MCPA Faculty
• correspondence
• documents : policy, applications forms, selection committee
• Association Award Winners’ Concerts
• Concerts
• Convocation and Graduation Recitals
Projects Supported by the Association
• Musical Theatre
o Masterclasses
• Halifax Conservatory of Music Journal
Recitals by Association Members
• Heather Pineo Regan
• Archivist
• Bursary Committee
• Committees
o ad hoc Committees
o Finance Committee
o Miscellaneous
o Nominating Committee
o Scholarship Committee [MCPA] o Standing Committees
♣ Nominating Committee
• Corresponding Secretary
• Events, miscellaneous
• Finance Committee
• President of Association
Schedules of Board Meetings, etc.
Stationary, Cards, etc.
Student Awards
• Bursaries
• Correspondence, miscellaneous
• General Information
• Individual Awards [see also: MCPA Archives] o Buchta, Gunter
o Campbell-Sondheim
o Foster-Gotshalks
o Jackson, Hester
o Taylor, Elsie
• Recipient/Prize Lists
Students of Note
• Mattiessen, Ingrid
• White, Portia

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