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Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts


6199 Chebucto Road
Halifax  NS  B3L 1K7

Phone: 902-423-6995
Fax: 902-423-6029

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General Inquiries, Registration, Facility Rentals:
Jeffrey Hale –
(902) 423-0561

Lynn Steeves
(902) 423-1926

Dean, School of Music
Frances Royle –
(902) 423-7600

Dean, School of Dance
Barbara Dearborn –
(902) 423-1785

Accounting & Finances
John Murray –
(902) 423-1577

Hours of Operation

Office Hours

Monday – 8:30AM to 5:30PM
Tuesday to Friday – 8:30AM to 9PM
Saturday – 9AM to 6PM
Sunday – 9AM to 5PM

Campus Hours

Monday to Friday – 9AM to 9PM
Saturday – 9AM to 6PM
Sunday – 9AM to 5PM

Summer Hours

Mon. Wed. Fri. – 8:30AM to 5:30PM
Tue. Thu. – 8:30AM to 9:00PM

Holiday Hours

Typically 1:00PM to 9:00PM during school year
check with the office for details

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