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School of Music – Examinations

  • Music Examinations are held in the Winter and Spring each year. The requirements for all subjects and grades are in accordance with the Syllabus of the Royal Conservatory of Music. (List A, B and C pieces from the Conservatory of Canada may be substituted for equivalent RCM grade level pieces and studies.) Cello exams are in accordance with MCPA cello department requirements.
  • Certificates are not issued to students until all the necessary theory requirements are successfully completed. To obtain credit for Theory examinations completed elsewhere, an official transcript or letter is required.
  • Please note the exam application deadline on the application form. No exceptions will be made. Please advise on your Exam Application form if you are unavailable on certain dates for your exam, e.g. a school trip, etc.; no changes will be made to the exam schedule after the deadline.
  • NO refunds will be given for missed exams, as examiners are booked well in advance and the time for your exam is reserved for you. A portion of the fee may be applied to your next exam date only in exceptional cases, e.g. serious illness, not due to lack of preparation.
  • Your tuition accounts MUST be up to date before exams may be taken.

Practical Exam Fees

Preparatory A & B – $50
Introductory – $50
Grade 1 – $56
Grade 2 – $57
Grade 3 – $59
Grade 4 – $60
Grade 5 – $62
Grade 6 – $70
Grade 7 – $76
Grade 8 – $88
Grade 9 – $105
Grade 10 – $161


We encourage all Conservatory students to obtain theory instruction from their teacher or in separate theory classes. While we do not offer our own theory exams, we strongly recommend that students take theory exams with the Royal Conservatory of Music.

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