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Timm Reinhardt



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Timm began playing the drums when he was six, because he thought that every song sounded boring without them. While his views may have changed since, he remains determined to bring music to life with every beat.

After studying percussion for 15 years at a classical music school in Klosterneuburg, Austria, he went on to earn his degree in Music Education in Vienna. He has been teaching in Austria for six years at the Percussioninstitut; providing a positive and encouraging learning experience to students of all ages, from young children to seniors. His style of teaching brings joy to his students regardless of their skill level.

Aside from classical, popular and jazz drums, he also teaches samba circles, Latin and African percussion. Timm is also trained in Marimba, Vibraphone, and Piano, and enjoys composing, beatboxing and rapping. While his formal training is in classical and popular music, his passion lies in Jazz, Soul, Groove, Funk, and Ska.

He has played with bands such as the NGBS Project (Groove/Soul), Waves on Fire (Ska/Indie Pop), the Roots (Jazz), Nothing Happens (Jazz), Nos!Tres (Jazz/Latin), as well as the Young Symphonic Orchestra Klosterneuburg. He has worked with star conductor Claudius Traunfeller, performed at International Jazz Day, as well as performed and recorded with Grammy Nominee Juan Garcia-Herreros “Snow Owl”.

Timm has followed his heart to the Maritimes, where he aims to pass on his knowledge at the Conservatory while completing his Masters in Music Education. He hopes to inspire his students to immerse themselves in the joy of making music.