Music  – Policies

Account Status – Lessons

Only students who have registered and made payment arrangements for fees and tuition are permitted to attend lessons. Booking lesson times with the teacher does not remove this requirement. Please ensure that you are fully registered for each Term.

Account Status – Scholarships

Students whose accounts are in arrears are not permitted to apply for or receive Awards.

Tuition Payments

HST is not charged. No post-dated payment period may extend beyond the end of the current Term.
Tuition is payable in advance by the following methods:

  • In full by VISA, MasterCard, Debit, cheque or cash
  • By four equal post-dated cheques per term + $10 processing fee/student
  • By four equal pre-authorized VISA or MasterCard charges per term + $10 processing fee/student

All new and returning students must finalize payment at the Administration Office to complete Registration before lessons may begin. Teachers may ask to see Proof of Registration for admission to the student’s second lesson.

Post-Dated Payments

No post-dated payment period may extend beyond the end of the current Term. Payments are to be dated for the 5th or 15th day of the first four months of a term.

Registration Fees

Unless otherwise stated, a non-refundable registration fee is payable in addition to tuition fees, as follows:

Registration fee for full-Term students:
Academic Year – $60
Per Term – $30

Registration fee for part-term students:
Package of 11+ lessons: $30
Package of 6-10 lessons: $15
Single lesson : $3

Missed Lessons

Policy regarding lessons missed for reasons other than extreme weather:
The Conservatory’s policy states that a teacher is not expected to make up lessons missed by the student.  There are only  two exceptions to this:

  1. If the student misses due to their involvement in an emergency situation, only two lessons per teaching year will be either made up or refunded according to the preference of the teacher.
  2. If the student is suffering from a protracted illness of 3 weeks or more in duration, and can provide a doctor’s note substantiating this, up to only two lessons per teaching year will be either refunded or made up prior to the date of the doctor’s note, again according to the preference of the teacher. The fees for any remaining lessons that cannot be attended by the student due to the indicated illness will be refunded.

Lessons missed by the teacher will be either refunded or made up in the current teaching year, according to the teacher’s preference.

Default / Delinquent Policy

A charge of $25 will be added to your account for cheques or credit card payments that are refused. If payments are refused twice in one Term, your lessons will be suspended immediately. You may not resume lessons until tuition in arrears is paid in full and the remainder of the Term is paid in advance.

Unscheduled Closings

If the Conservatory must close due to conditions beyond our control such as severe weather, electrical or heating system failure, teachers are strongly encouraged to make up lessons up to and including only 2 lesson per student, per teaching term. The alternatives could be a significant loss of lesson time for the registered student or an inordinate amount of time to be made up by the teacher

Storm Closure

In the event the Conservatory is not open, all morning lessons and classes in the Schools of Dance, Music and Kindermusik are automatically cancelled and conditions will be reevaluated at noon for a possible opening at 1:00pm. If we are closed in the morning and re-opening in the afternoon, the Schools of Music and Kindermusik will resume operations at 1:00 pm. (Please note that in the case of solo instruction, students and/or parents are encouraged to check with their individual studio teachers to confirm individual lesson times.)

In all instances of closure and cancellations the Conservatory will post the announcement on our website, on the CBC radio storm center line and corresponding webpage, and on our main phone message (423-6995). Please be aware that weather conditions frequently change during the day, and it is best to check the above mentioned sources more than once for the most up-to-date   information. All morning closures shall be posted by 7AM with updates at noon. Afternoon closures shall be posted by 11AM

Due to our very different operational natures, please note that the decision to cancel may be different for the Schools of Dance and Kindermusik, who primarily host classes, and the School of Music, which primarily hosts private lessons.

Music Withdrawl

If a student registers for a full term, it is assumed that the student will complete the term. If the term is not completed, tuition will be refunded only in the case of protracted illness with a medical certificate. Exceptional circumstances may be brought to the attention of the teacher and the Administration Office for consideration. Registration fees are not refundable.

Insufficient Enrolment

We reserve the right to cancel any class. All unused fees will be refunded, including registration where applicable.

Consideration of Others

Our Staff, the Board of Governors and other volunteers, and our Faculty are committed to treating everyone with respect and fairness, while on Campus or elsewhere on Conservatory business. We invite our students and their parents to do the same. We are a scent-free campus – please be considerate of others.

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