Music Theory

Classes or Private Lessons

The following teachers offer private theory instruction. Please contact them for rates and times.

Ruth Blackie, Jacob Caines, Dan Hammill, Dr. Christine Mader, Matt Richard, Frances Royle, & Dr. Lorna Wanzel (Head of Theory Department)

MCPA Theory Examinations

We offer theory examinations for Preparatory Level to Level 8 in both MCPA Winter and Spring examination sessions. These sessions are based on the RCM theory books which correspond to the levels for all practical music examinations.

Winter Exam Date: September, January 12th

Application Deadline for Winter Exam: Friday, November 16th

Spring Exam Date: Saturday, May 4th

Application Deadline for Spring Exam: Friday, March 15th

Levels Prep to 4 – 30 minutes

Level 5 – One hour

Level 6 to 8 – Two hours

The PDF version of the examination form can be downloaded here.

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