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Music Theory

Classes or Private Lessons

The following teachers offer private theory instruction. Please contact them for rates and times.

Frances Royle, Dr. Lorna Wanzel, Jacob Caines, Dan Hammill, Ruth Blackie, Matt Richard & Dr. Christine Mader

MCPA Theory Examinations

We are introducing new theory examinations for the year 2017-18.

These will be for Levels Prep to 8.  Levels Prep to 4 will be 30 minutes long and Levels 5 to 8 one hour.

The date for these examinations will be Saturday January 13th from 1:00 to 2:00pm.  The deadline for registering for them in November 17th. The registration price for Prep to Level 4 is $15, Level 5 is $25, Level 6 is $35, Level 7 is $45, and level 8 is $55. These examinations will be held at the Conservatory.

These examinations are based on the new RCM Prep to Level 8 theory books, which are for students of all instruments and voice.

These exams will be offered again on Saturday May 5th from 1:00 to 3:00pm in Studio #9 (John & Dorothy Davis Room). The deadline for these exams is March 23rd.

The PDF version of the examination form can be downloaded here

These examinations will complement the same level as their practical examinations. So if a student takes for example their level 1 piano, violin or voice examination and they also take their level 1 theory examination, they will receive a complete level 1 certificate.  This is not a mandatory co-requisite, but rather a way to encourage both teachers and students to complete their theory studies as well as their practical studies at the same time, in which ever field they choose to study.

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