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Using the Dalcroze Method of music teaching, this class will build on the foundation of Kindermusik for the Young Child. It will incorporate movement to explore and better understand musical concepts such as melody, phrasing, harmony, pulse (or steady beat), and rhythm.

We will develop the skills needed for musical dictation, linking what we hear with what is put on the page. We will make music together with various instruments (glockenspiels, simple handbells, percussion instruments, and recorders), building ensembles, and creating arrangements for our pieces. We will also sing and use our bodies to come to deeper understanding of the music – in this way your child will build the base for a lifelong knowledge and love of music.

Faculty: Susanne Brown
Tuition: $70 per student + $15 registration fee
Dates and Time: Saturdays May 11th – June 8nd at 10:00-11:00 am

Children with their clarineo instrument
Learn the basics of playing in this fun filled week! This class will give your children a head-start into woodwind instruments and school band programs.

Students will learn proper posture and make a foot chart as arts & crafts project.

To learn the proper way to produce tone, the flutists will actually spit rice!
Additionally, we’ll look at the history of the flute and clarineo. There will be demonstrations and some short listening examples as well as a flute, clarineo and clarinet display.

A portion of every half day will be reserved for rhythm games for Clarineo and Flute students combined. We’ll play fantastic musical games, like Music Bingo, Flash Cards and so much more.

The week finishes off with a presentation for the student’s families.

Faculty: Patty Shaw (Clarineo) & Sibylle Marquardt (Flute)
Maximum Enrollment: 6 per class; extra classes will be added if demand warrants.
Dates and Times: July 8th-12th at 9:00am-12 noon
Tuition: $225 per student + $20 registration fee*

*Registration fee not applicable if you have already paid the fee for other lessons this term

The Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts is proud to again offer an exciting summer musical theatre program. Two summer workshops for singing actors in Grades 4-12 who are serious about developing and refining their audition and performance skills. Both week-long workshops will culminate in a variety show performance which will allow students the opportunity to combine and apply all of the skills that have been nurtured during the workshops.

Faculty: Jason Davis, Lucy Hayes Davis

Elementary Company Players (Grades 4-6)

This program includes:

101 – Private Voice Lessons: Three private lessons; learn about proper use of breath and vocal production in a nurturing one-to-one setting. Exercises strengthen and protect the voice.

102 – Repertoire Class I: Learn and perform songs in a wide variety of musical styles with confidence and style. The focus of the class is acting through the song. Students will develop stage presence, good vocal habits, and the ability to interpret and deliver a song to an audience.

103 – Music Theatre Chorus I: Exploring group singing from a wide variety of music theatre repertoire.

104 – Dance/Movement I: Students will learn technique and combinations in Jazz, Swing, Contemporary, African and Hip-Hop styles. Students will also learn a fusion routine for their final performance. The history and evolution of these styles will also be discussed.

105 – Story Book Theatre: Building reading and comprehension skills for very young actors by reading stories as a group, and then using role-playing and basic creative drama exercises to bring these stories to life. Children will make new friends and discover new ideas while developing self-confidence.

Junior Company Players (Grades 7-12)

This program includes:

201 – Private Voice Lessons: Four private lessons; learn about proper use of breath and vocal production in a nurturing one-to-one setting. Exercises strengthen and protect the voice.

202 – Repertoire Class II: The interpretation, acting and delivery of a song. Selection of musical material appropriate for student’s voice type, and usable for audition and performance, along with basic vocal technique and use of breath.

203 – Music Theatre Chorus II: Group singing from a wide variety of SAT and SATB music theatre repertoire.

204 – Dance/Movement II: (See description in 104)

205 – Acting & Improv I: Includes theatre games, improvisation, acting and creative drama activities, with an emphasis on building collaborative and communication skills.

Band students playing musicA week-long introduction in brass instrumental performance for students aged 8-18 with at least one year of experience on their preferred instrument (trumpet/cornet,horn, baritone/euphonium, trombone, tuba/bass).

The purpose of the camp is to foster and inspire the education of brass students through the brass instrumental medium. Prior brass performing experience is welcomed but not required. The camp will provide both individual and group instruction (sectionals, master classes, and large ensemble), culminating in a public performance at the end of the week. Instruction will be provided by Conservatory faculty and guests and will serve as an opportunity to join the youth brass program at Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts.

Faculty: Rod MacGillivray and Matt Richard

Dates: August 19-23, 2019

Tuition: $280 per student + $20 registration fee

The spring and summer seasons are a great time to complete theory requirements in order to receive certificates for practical examinations from the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM). The Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts theory instructors will cover these materials in small group classes that are open to students of all ages. Students who are not completing practical examinations are also welcome. All levels of theory study allow for a well-rounded understanding of music that builds upon what is learned in music lessons.

Private Lessons

Tailored to an individual’s needs and schedule, private one-on-one theory lessons are available upon request throughout the summer. Please contact us for more information regarding instructors and fees.


The Maritime Ensemble Week is a specialized program geared towards amateur performers in flute and piano (RCM Grade 6 for flute minimum, RCM Grade 8 for piano minimum). The program will give participants hands on experience working on technique, ensemble music, masterclasses, and performances. The first of its kind for the Maritime Conservatory,  this program is not to be missed! Limited to 16 participants total.

The days will start with a 1/2 hour physical warm-up session, followed by a group warm-up for flutes and pianists, working on select techniques. You will then join your respective instrument groups, working on big ensembles.

After lunch you’ll be preparing small ensembles: flute & piano/piano 4-6 hands, as well as flute duets & trios. You’ll also have the opportunity to sign-up for special classes such as music history/masterclasses.

Lunch is catered each day and coffee and tea will be available in the MEW lounge throughout the week. Your week will include lunch hour performances, a faculty concert and a big final concert on Saturday afternoon, July 20th, followed by the MEW party.

You’ll have the opportunity to explore Halifax and there’ll be a planned trip to the sea & Peggy’s Cove.

Participants are invited to a welcome BBQ on Sunday evening, July 14th.

Faculty: Jennifer King and Sibylle Marquardt

Dates: July 15-20, 2019

Times: 9am-4pm (9am-12:30pm Wednesday) Lounge opens at 8:30am

Tuition: $450 per student + $20 registration fee

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Wind instrument playing