2019 - 2020 Artists-in-Residence

The Maritime Conservatory’s Artist-in-Residence program provides support to emerging artistic groups and individuals located in the Halifax region. Artists are provided with facility usage, administrative support, and other benefits to help them cultivate their work. Artists regularly contribute to the Conservatory’s activities through education-focused learning opportunities for the Conservatory community, in addition to public performances. Each residency normally lasts for 12 months.

Artists with an interest in the program are encouraged to write to Dean of Music or Dean of Dance for more information.

The Halifax Queer Ensemble

The HQE provides a queer-centric space for musicians of various backgrounds to come together in community, with the broader goal of promoting and supporting queer musicians, composers and artists. The ensemble is led by Jacob Caines, and rehearses on Friday nights at the Conservatory. If you play a string, brass, woodwind, or percussion instrument, read music comfortably and are interested in making music with a great community of people, email! Let’s make some queer noise!

Jacques Mindreau

Jacques Mindreau is a violinist, vocalist and composer; he creates music for film, dance, and now theatre. His vocals combine an operatic voice that is enriched with a language of the imagination. His project ‘Electro Jacques Therapy’ layers violin loops and vocals in an ethereal haunting manner, reaching orchestral proportions at times. Jacques has collaborated with hundreds of musicians around the globe and Canada and is co-founder of the bands Krasnogorsk and OQO. He studied the violin at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto.

Jacques is also working with “2b Theatre” performing the acclaimed play “One Discordant Violin” which played off Broadway this fall in New York.

Jacques believes in the power that music has to heal us all. He spends much of his time in Cape Breton when not touring. He is very enthusiastic about his residency here at the conservatory, and looks forward to creating and meeting and collaborating with others.