General Dance Classes

Dance Classes General

Excellence in dance instruction, right here in the here in the heart of Halifax.

Since 1947 The Conservatory School of Dance has been providing exceptional dance education with a focus on classical ballet in both our General and Professional programs. We offer opportunities for a variety of students, from those just beginning their dance training through to aspiring professionals. Our curriculum includes a unique folk dance program and classes in a variety of dance styles. The School of Dance at the Maritime Conservatory also offers a highly respected post-secondary Teacher Training Diploma Program and full time Professional Ballet Program.


In Performance

In addition to our annual end of year recital, the School of Dance at the Maritime Conservatory offers many performance opportunities for students, ranging from community outreach performances to in-house recitals, special events to original full-length children’s ballets.

How It Works

The School of Dance provides training to a variety of students, from the youngest children of 2 – 3 years and up through to older adulthood. Many of our students dance for recreation and joy while others are pursuing a professional career – graduates of our Professional Ballet Program can be found dancing in various companies and post secondary dance programs, as well as pursuing academic studies in university programs, throughout the world.


In order to best cater to the wants and desires of all students we have organized our programs into Upper and Lower Schools, each containing myriad age groups and skill levels. Please see Children’s programs for ages 2 – 5.


Lower School, Ages 5+
We offer year-round training to create a solid foundation in a variety of dance styles including classical ballet, jazz, modern, character, tap and breakdance. Our curriculum is designed to encourage a child’s natural love of movement and music, helping develop self expression, confidence, and emotional intelligence in a fun, supportive environment.


Upper School, Advanced Levels
Dancers entering the upper school have achieved a certain level of technical and artistic proficiency and are ready to take their training to a vocational level. Our distinguished faculty will expand upon a dancer’s education and strengths, building artistic potential and refined techniques. Admission to the upper school is by teachers recommendation

General Programs

Classical Ballet

Upper and Lower School

The Classical Ballet program follows a distinct curriculum designed to train technique, artistry and musicality through age-appropriate expectations and clear progressions. We offer a range of training options for dancers wishing to enjoy the art form through to those training for a professional career.

Eastern European Folk Dance

Upper and Lower School

Eastern European folk dance classes are offered for children ages 8 and older. The traditions of the Eastern folk dance are approached with a theatrical slant through choreography and presentation. Students learn choreography and style in weekly classes. Students are promoted according to individual progress throughout each level. All classes run 60 minutes in length. Open to students in Lower School 3 and up. Souvenir Folk Dance Ensemble This class shapes the Conservatory’s, Souvenir Folk Ensemble, rehearsing and presenting the dances of Eastern Europe. This troupe has performed to rave reviews for its energy and polished presentation throughout Nova Scotia.

Entrance into the Souvenir Folk Dance Ensemble is by audition only.

Modern Dance

Upper and Lower School

The study of contemporary movement utilizing the work of 20th century modern dance pioneers. Classes are split into equal segments; floor work, standing centre work and, traveling combinations. As the students work progresses basic skills develop with a focus on multiple movement vocabularies, styles technique and performance skills. Developing the student’s versatility to communicate choreographer’s intent and advance their skills as articulate, versatile, artists. Open to students in Lower school 1 and up

Composition Classes

Upper and Lower School

Modern and Jazz composition class run in conjunction with Modern technique and Jazz technique classes only. This class is a study of creative process and collaboration. During the dance composition class students explore a movement idea by creating dance movement or selecting steps in some dance genres, students then manipulate these elements and materials of dance into movement modules of various lengths to compose a dance.

Body Basics and Dancer's Conditioning Programs

Upper School

Dance, is a demanding art form that requires strength. To ensure good movement practices Body basic’s and dancers conditioning classes focus on movement coordination, balance and overall body strength while also preventing improper form and injury.

Tap Dancing

Upper and Lower School

Rhythm-based tap classes provide the fundamentals of tap as well as the opportunity to expand your tap vocabulary and apply technique to different music, tempos and rhythms. Students will learn basic tap rhythms and combinations which will improve their coordination and musicality. As they advance, dancers will focus on more intricate footwork, syncopation as well as progressions across the floor and combinations.

Jazz Dancing

Upper and Lower School

Jazz dance showcases a dancer’s individual style and originality. We offer a fun, non-competitive environment with experienced and exceptional teachers. It has its foundation in ballet therefore it is strongly advised; students take jazz in addition to their Ballet classes. Students are promoted according to individual progress throughout each level. Classes run 60 - 90 minutes in length. Open to students in Lower School 1 and up

Registration Policies & Level Guidelines:​

Students enrolling in ballet classes at the Lower School 3 level and higher are required to follow the requirements below:

  • Ballet Level Minimum per week
  • Ballet Lower School 3 – 7,   2 classes per week
  • Ballet Upper School 1- 4,   3 classes per week
  • Ballet Upper School 5,   4 classes per week
  • To enrol in jazz, tap, acro, modern, breakdance or character classes at the Lower School 3 level or higher, students must be enrolled in ballet classes (following the table above) or a minimum of one body basics or conditioning class per week.
  • Enrolment in all levels of pointe classes is by recommendation only. To be considered for enrolment in pointe classes, students are required to participate in a minimum of 3 ballet classes per week, and receive a recommendation from ballet faculty or the Dean of Dance.
  • Students enrolling in jazz or modern composition classes must also enrol in a corresponding technique class. Example: Modern Upper School 3/4 may enrol in Modern Composition Upper School 3/4.