Adult Programs

School of Dance

Part of the general division, these classes will focus on basic movement vocabulary, co-ordination, posture and alignment within each dance form.

Strengthen your body, focus your mind, and explore creativity and self-expression in our adult dance classes. Classes will focus on basic movement vocabulary, coordination, posture and alignment within each dance form. Our older adult level classes are designed specifically for ages 50+ honouring each individual’s possibilities and range of motion. All adult dance classes are one hour in length.

Absolute Beginner Ballet

Suitable for adults with no previous, or limited, training in dance. This class provides a strong foundation in ballet terminology and technique. It’s never too late to begin your ballet journey.

Adult Intermediate Ballet

Designed for students with 2-3 years of dance training; students should have a good understanding of basic ballet technique. This class is a great continuation of the Absolute Beginner Ballet class, allowing dancers to expand upon the basics and dive deeper into the aesthetics of ballet.

Advanced Ballet

For experienced dancers looking to stay in shape and have fun. Exercises will explore more complex enchainments and challenge students to develop a stronger understanding of technique and musicality.

Adult Ballet 50+

Explore your love of dance while building strength, balance and coordination. No previous experience required. This class will introduce students to a wide range of movement vocabulary while exploring the artistry and music of ballet.

Ballet Barre Class

A graceful way to keep and increase flexibility, strength, balance, and alignment. This class combines the well-tested techniques of ballet with strength and flexibility training to challenge the mind and the body.

Adult Modern - “Let’s Move”

Challenge your mind and body in a stimulating and supportive environment. Rhythm is an integral component of this movement technique that will encourage students to move freely and confidently through space.

Stretch & Strength

Classes are designed to focus on correct biomechanics of movement while increasing strength, flexibility, and dynamic stability.
These classes are open to all adult levels.