Facility Rentals

Our Facilities

The Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts is  a non-profit organization that has been a part of the Halifax arts community for over 130 years. We boast a spacious, versatile performance venue and many smaller studios and classrooms, providing the perfect backdrop for artistic and creative expression. 

The Conservatory rents several sizes of rooms. All contain a piano, some with a grand piano (including our Lilian Piercey Concert Hall) as well as an upright piano, there are also a number of tables, chairs, small desks, and music stands available for general use.


Among our available classrooms are three dance studios with sprung floor, marley, and barres; two of which have mirrored walls. 

Please note that we are not able rent space to individuals looking to teach their own classes from our college, either in fields of music or dance. Please note our
fees are subject to change.


For more information or to book, reach out to us at 902-423-0561 or write to us at

Lilian Piercey Concert Hall

Our beautiful hall boasts a 200 person capacity and must be booked a minimum of three hours. Cost of a three-hour booking is contingent on time of day; $600 for an evening, $400 for an afternoon, and $300 for a morning rental. Additional time can be added to this block at $75/hour. If wanting to the book for the entire day, 9am to 9pm, it is $1000. 

Please note a staffing fee of $25/hr is incurred for any time for which a rental exceeds the regular building hours.

Practice Studio

Practice feels perfect in our small studio spaces. These rooms are ideal hubs of creativity and privacy nestled within the larger community of the Conservatory. Each contain an upright piano, ample light from large windows, and the option of tables, chairs, or small desk.

Studio fee is $20/hr.


Our classrooms are many and varied, measuring roughly 25′ x 30′ with a capacity of 50 people. All rooms contain a piano with a select few containing a grand piano. Three rooms are designated dance studios with sprung floor, marley, and barres; two of which have mirrored walls.

The classroom rental fee is $30/hour, with a usual minimum booking of two hours.