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BA Mus.


Karlene M. Francis is a professional singer and freelance cellist who also uses her musical abilities in the practice of music therapy. Following completion of all requirements, she is currently a Candidate for Accreditation with her governing body (CAMT).

She is happy to be a service provider within the organization where her first formal musical education began on piano at an early age where she took RCM exams until the age of 16, completing Grade 8, with honours and continued study for two more years.

“In our sessions together, we will utilize all the powerful aspects of music; (rhythm, vibration, silence, tones, melody, and lyrics) combined with listening and a variety of modalities from active to receptive applications, to promote awareness and insights towards living with a greater sense of well-being in the mind and body. Primarily, I use live pitched (piano, guitar, cello) and non-pitched (hand drums, shakers) instruments, but also singing as my musical therapeutic tools.”

Music therapy can be administered in a group or individual sessions. As well, adaptive sessions offer clients the benefits of engaging with the therapeutic process through adjustments that will assist and enhance positive outcomes with the reduction of barriers; i.e. employing assistive technology and/or mechanical apparatus to aid those persons with diverse abilities to engage in music therapy. As a music therapist, Karlene also adjusts the pace of therapeutic intervention facilitation to meet the needs of persons of all abilities.

Music therapy is effective for many reasons and there is growing evidence based research that shows that applications of music skillfully by a music therapist can boost cognitive functionregulate mood states, regulate breathingregulate heart rate, and so much more! People interested in trying this very unique therapy, should not be put-off by having no music training. Music therapy is for everyone!

To learn more about Karlene, music therapy, or about our programming in general don’t hesitate to get in touch!
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