Michael Coburn - Piano


University of Calgary
Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance with Distinction

Royal Conservatory
ARCT diploma


Michael Coburn is a piano teacher, adjudicator, and performer with nearly two decades of experience. He fosters self-confidence, musical artistry, and fluent self-expression by helping students develop more control over their thoughts. His energy and enthusiasm support students of all levels in creatively searching for solutions and celebrating their successes.

Michael has a Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance with Distinction from the University of Calgary, and an ARCT diploma from the Royal Conservatory. At the University of Calgary, he was
featured as a soloist with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. Before moving to Halifax, he worked in Calgary as the Piano Faculty Director at Chinook School of Music, the Director of Music at Parkdale United Church, and the Artistic Director of Cum Vino Cantus Choir.

Michael’s passion is helping every student to know how much they can truly achieve. He aims to help them discover that if making music is interesting to them, they can absolutely do it and do it well. His goal is to show students that their self-improvement is inevitable when they are consistently focused on moving towards their goals, and that no matter how well they play they can always find improvement. Perfection is a myth, and that is a beautiful thing because they can always keep learning.

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