School of Music

About the School of Music

The Conservatory’s School of Music helps you live a creative musical life – or explore professional opportunities – that enriches yourself and your community by giving you the language and perspective of music through highly skilled and passionate musical instruction, right in the heart of Halifax.

Private music lessons are at the heart and core of our services, with programs offered year round. Students of all ages and abilities can receive instruction in a wide variety of musical fields, instrumental disciplines, and stylistic genres. Private music lessons accommodate students’ personalized needs and match their unique desires and ambitions, whether that be introductory steps into their musical journey or building the foundations of professional pursuit in music.

Our inclusive groups and ensembles for all ages give a wide variety of stylistic and musical experiences in inspiring social settings.

Our students have many performance opportunities throughout the year either as soloists or ensemble members in class and departmental or school-wide recitals, which are held at the Lilian Piercey Concert Hall, featuring all age ranges of our intergenerational student community. Satellite performances are also hosted in venues such as the Halifax Central Library, for related organizations and for Retirement and Care Facilities, adding more live performance experience. The School of Music supports the talent of our students through a wide variety of substantial scholarships and bursaries and students can also sign-up for our accredited examinations.

The music faculty members of the Conservatory stand for excellence in their field and are dedicated educators who love to instill the perspective and language of music, enriching lives and creating expressive career opportunities.