Children's Music Programs

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Clarineo (mini-clarinet) is perfect for young children, and changing to clarinet when they’re bigger is easy! In this program, your child will learn to play the clarineo in an environment that shapes their imagination, develops their creativity, and teaches them how to cooperate with others to make wonderful music. Upon graduation from Level 4, students transition to playing the clarinet.

Faculty: Patty Shaw

Level 1: 
Children will learn the basics of clarineo playing, play fun songs together, and learn how to perform. Clarineo Level 1 class to Thursdays at  3-3:45pm

Level 2: 
For students who have graduated from level 1.

Level 3: 
For students who have graduated from level 2.

Level 4: 
For students who have graduated from level 2.
Maximum enrollment: 5 per class; extra classes will be added if demand warrants.

$425/term plus registration fee.

Instrument info: Students must bring their own clarineo to the first class. Clarineos can be purchased online.

A limited number of clarineos are available for rental from Patty. 

Using the Dalcroze method of music education, this course aims to encourage holistic, creative students who are observant, adaptable, perceptive and able to work together. Dalcroze Eurhythmics teaches students to use movement and gesture to express many different aspects of music, such as pitch, range, phrasing, melody, harmony, counterpoint, tempo and metre.  As a hands-on approach to music theory, Dalcroze is an ideal complement to instrumental lessons to promote deep musical learning and encourage students to discover their own musicality.
Age: 8-12 yrs
Faculty: Susannë Brown
Cost: $195 per term, plus registration
Time: Tuesdays 6:00-6:45pm

The Conservatory is pleased to offer music lessons for strings following the Suzuki Talent Education philosophy. The Suzuki method was developed by Shinichi Suzuki in Japan in the 1940’s and is based on the idea that every child has the potential to achieve a high level of proficiency and personal development. Music is initially taught through the mother tongue approach and instruction is carried out in a positive manner that reinforces accomplishments, builds confidence, and is fun. The repertoire is designed to build skills in small sequential steps that are easy for young children and let each child progress at their own pace.

Our Suzuki teachers are members of the Suzuki Association of the Americas and committed to a high standard of instruction, helping our students – together with their parents – achieve their maximum potential. They are connected with the international Suzuki community and regularly participate in workshops and institutes around the world.

Our Suzuki students receive private and group lessons weekly
The fee for group classes is included in our Suzuki Program fee.

Our Suzuki students participate in regular studio recitals, graduation recitals, and General Recitals promoted by the Maritime Conservatory. Our Suzuki groups are regularly performing at special events at the Central Library, Northwood Home Care and IWK events.

Violin group classes are on Saturdays and are divided by age and level of playing. 

12:00 pm – Pre-Twinkle (30min)

12:30 pm – Book 1 (45min)

1:15 pm – Book 2 and above (45min)

You can also join our Suzuki group classes if you are interested in supplementing your private lessons upon approval of our Suzuki teaching faculty. The cost is $180 per term.

The Presto String Orchestra is a great place to meet other young musician friends and have fun playing together! This ensemble will provide an upbeat and challenging collaborative experience for young string musicians wanting to explore the world of the string orchestra. Participants will meet weekly to play stimulating repertoire from the string orchestral repertoire as a full ensemble, in sectional rehearsals, and in occasional joint rehearsals with the other Conservatory orchestras. This group will train string players in all of the skills needed to move into the Conservatory Chamber Orchestra. In addition to weekly rehearsals, there will be performance opportunities alongside the Chamber and Adult Orchestras, providing a delightful musical and multigenerational experience!

This is for RCM grades 3-5.

Faculty: Susannë Brown
Time: Mondays, 6:00pm to 7:15pm

Cost: $215/year

Welcome to the Prelude Orchestra, the newest member of the String Orchestra family at the MCPA!  In this ensemble string and woodwind players playing at RCM grade 2 will begin their orchestral journey – learning to play with other musicians.  In our weekly rehearsals we will build the experience of playing in a group with different sections.

In addition to our weekly rehearsals, there will be opportunities to perform through the year, and some concerts together with the Presto and Chamber Orchestras, showcasing the full spectrum of orchestral development for children at the MCPA through to the end of high school.

Faculty: Susanneë Brown
Time: Mondays 5-5:45 pm
Cost: $205/year

We strongly believe that every child can develop their own musicality if they are exposed to learn an instrument in a positive and encouraging environment. This group offers step-by-step instruction to the beginner violinist, and you don’t even need an instrument! The Conservatory has a library of instruments available for use during our lessons!

For ages from 6 to 10.

10 weekly classes on Mondays at 5:00 pm
Lesson Length: 45min
Start date: Mar 21st, end date: May 30th
Fee: $120

Did you know?

We’ve got programs open to youth and adults starting at age 13!
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