Examinations & Assessments

Practical Examination Information

The Maritime Conservatory for Performing Arts offers bi-yearly examinations. These examinations are usually held in January and May each year. The levels and requirements for all subjects are in accordance with the Syllabus of the Royal Conservatory of Music. The Conservatory offers Certificates for all levels and Associateship Diplomas (performer or teacher) may be obtained.

Music assessments are an effective motivational tool for music students of all levels and ages and examination achievements are rewards for student’s year-round practice.


Pieces from the syllabus of Conservatory Canada can be substituted for equivalent RCM level pieces and the Conservatory recognizes the syllabus for the MCPA cello department requirements, too.


Certificates are not issued to students until all the necessary theory requirements are successfully completed. To that end the Conservatory offers music theory instruction year-round.


To obtain credit for theory examinations completed elsewhere, an official transcript or letter is required.

Theory Examination Information

The Maritime Conservatory for Performing Arts offers theory examinations for levels Prep to 8. These examinations are based on the Royal Conservatory of Music Syllabus Prep to Level 8 theory books, which are for students of all instruments and voice.

These examinations will complement the same level as their practical examinations. For example if a student takes their level 1 piano, violin or voice examinations they would be encouraged to also take their level 1 theory examination. This is not a mandatory co-requisite, but rather a way to encourage both teachers and students to complete their theory studies as well as their practical studies at the same time, in whichever field they choose to study.

The examination for Level Prep is 30 minutes, for Levels 1 to 5 one hour, and for Levels 6 to 8 two hours long.

These theory examinations combined with Royal Conservatory practical examinations of the same level give you High School credits:

Grade 12 high school credit – RCM Level 8 

Grade 11 high school credit – RCM Level 7

Grade 10 high school credit – RCM Level 6

NO CHANGES will be made to the exam schedule after it is set.  

ALL TUITION payments must be up to date before exams may be taken.  Please note any dates on which you are not available to do your exam, i.e. a school trip, etc., on the exam application form.

Adult Assessment

The Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts Examinations offer Adult Assessments.

No matter if you want to find out the level of your playing or singing, are picking up your instrument after a longer break and want to get some inspiration on how to start-up again, or you always wanted to do an examination, but couldn’t find the time to prepare for all the technical requirements. Our adult assessments are the perfect place to get feedback and guidance for your path to musicianship.

Candidates perform two contrary pieces for a specialist examiner from our faculty. There is a choice of either a verbal or written report and time for questions as well as tips on options to further enhance your musical prowess.

Our adult assessments are 30 minutes of length for levels 1 to 5, 45 minutes for grades 6 and up.

$80/30min assessment
$120/45min assessment

Examination Fees

Voice Introductory $50
Preparatory A/B $50
Level 1 $75
Level 2 $80
Level 3 $85
Level 4 $90
Level 5 $100
Level 6 $115
Level 7 $130
Level 8 $150
Level 9 $200
Level 10 $250

Prep $25
Level 1 $40
Level 2 $40
Level 3 $40
Level 4 $40
Level 5 $55
Level 6 $65
Level 7 $80
Level 8 $90

NOTE: As examiners must be booked well in advance, fees will not be refunded for any missed exams, but may be applied to the next exam date in exceptional cases. 

Inquiries: Lynn Steeve | 902-423-1926   


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Private lessons: Our representative will put you in touch with a faculty member.
Once you and your teacher have agreed on the time, length and number of lessons your payment will be processed.

Step 3: Payment: Payments can be made either via phone (902-423-6995) or in-person (6199 Chebucto Road) during business hours before attending your first class.