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Welcome to Kindermusik!

Experience the power and joy of music-making with your child

Kindermusik is an experience for parents & guardians to share with their children, creating and absorbing music in a fun and nurturing environment. Classes are organized into five stages, beginning with the earliest of infants through to young children of 5-7 years old.

Our programs focus on process rather than performance, thus nurturing the total development of children. This child-centered approach is carefully structured to reflect your child’s age and developmental stage. Kindermusik is an inclusion program, and instructors are happy to work with you to provide any accommodations your child may need. By encouraging children’s creative and musical development, Kindermusik builds a foundation for further music study.

Kindermusik is practiced internationally, with curricula designed by experts in the fields of Early Childhood Music Education and Child Development with an aim to recognize and celebrate the potential in every child, working to enhance knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm for learning through the power of music-making.

Register today to secure a spot for your child in one of our many Kindermusik programs, and scroll down to find full program descriptions for the coming year!

Village, for Ages 0-18 Months

Multiple level musical and sensory activities stimulate your baby’s development and provide parents/grandparents/caregivers with an affirming environment where you can share and connect with your baby and other families. This is a 45-minute weekly session. Adult participation during entire class. Masks will be required in class for adults.

Instructors: Nicole Anaka (NA) and Megan Boyko (MB) |   Curriculum:  Cock-A-Doodle Moo/Dew Drops


Saturday 9:00am (NA)
Saturday 1:00pm (NA)
Tuesday 6:45 pm (MB)
Wednesday 11:00am (NA)
Thursday 10:00am (NA)
Friday 11:00am (NA)

Materials Include:

2 Digital Home Albums
2 Literature Books
2 Art Banners
2 Special Baby Instruments

Our Time, for Ages 18 Months - 3.5 Years

In this exciting curriculum, parents/grandparents/caregivers and children enjoy a bonding experience through the joys of singing, listening, movement, children’s literature and playing rhythm instruments.

This is a 45-minute weekly class. Adult participation during entire class. Masks will be required in class for adults.

Instructors: Nicole Anaka (NA) and Susannë Brown (SB) Curriculum: Wiggles and Giggles

Monday 9:30 (SB)
Tuesday 9:30 (SB)
Thursday 11 am (NA)
Saturday 10 am (NA)

Materials Include:Digital Home Album
2 Literature Books
Home Activity Book
Special Child Instrument

Imagine That!, for Ages 3-5 Years

For the 3 and 4 year-old child, imagination is everything! Imagine That! allows us to capture the child’s attention, nurture his or her creativity and individuality, and enhance the overall learning process. This is accomplished through a blend of music, singing, movement, literature and imagination.

This is a 45-minute weekly class. Adult participation for the final 15 minutes. Masks will be required in class for adults.

Instructors: Susannë Brown (SB) | Curriculum: See What I Saw

Monday 10:30am (SB)
Saturday 9:00am (SB)

Materials Include:
Digital Home Album
Special Instrument
Weekly Home Activity Book
2 Literature Books

Wiggle and Grow Mixed Age, For ages 0-5

Mixed age classes bring together children ages 0-5, providing a dynamic and integrated learning experience for everyone. Singing, movement, listening activities, story time, and instrument play make up the Wiggle and Grow Mixed Age class experience. Each child is supported to participate at their own developmental level, encouraged by the loving presence of parents, caregivers, and even siblings!

This is a 45-minute weekly class, with adult participation during the entire class. Masks will be required in class for adults.

Instructors: Nicole Anaka (NA) and Megan Boyko (MB)

Curriculum: Marvelous Me/ Down on the Ground/Silly All Over


Tuesday 5:45 (MB)
Wednesday 10:00am (NA)
Saturday 11:00 am (NA)

Materials Include:
3 Digital Home Albums
3 Family Activity Guides (includes class story for each unit)
3 Special Child Instruments
Extra Instruments available for siblings

Young Child

Each class is comprised of singing, creative movement and speech, listening and playing instruments (including the glockenspiel, recorder, and dulcimer), and development of basic music reading and writing skills. This course is sequential; children complete Term 1 before registering for Term 2, etc.
This is a 60 minute weekly class. Adult participation for the final 15-20 minutes. Masks will be required in class for adults.

Instructor: Susannë Brown

Young Child 1:
Tuesday 4:30 – 5:30pm
Saturday 10:00 – 11:00am

Young Child 3:
Tuesday 3:30 – 4:30 pm

Materials Include
Young Child 1:
Home CD
Family Songbook
Children’s Folder
Activity Pages
Games Bag
Carry Bag
Glockenspiel with mallets

Young Child 3:
Children’s Folder
Games Bag
Family Songbook
Home CD
Dulcimer bag