Music Theory Programs

The Maritime Conservatory for Performing Arts offers Music Theory classes and private instruction of all levels.

From a Music Theory Crash Course to the Royal Conservatory of Music theory syllabus Preparatory to ARCT, including courses in rudiments, harmony, counterpoint, analysis and history of music, the Conservatory is a one-stop destination. No matter if you want to gain a high school credit, which can be gained in conjunction with a practical examination, if you would like to know how music works, or if you want to gain more insight to polish your compositions, our courses offer a wide range of instruction.


All our teachers provide private theory instruction and are available to assist students who are preparing for auditions for university entrance.

Lessons and classes are available at the Maritime Conservatory for Performing Arts campus, at 6199 Chebucto Road as well as remotely online. The online courses are available to students throughout the Maritimes.


The following High School Certificates are available through the Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations, after completion of a practical and theory component:
Grade 12 high school credit – RCM Level 8 
Grade 11 high school credit – RCM Level 7
Grade 10 high school credit – RCM Level 6

Course Offers

Classes and Private Lessons with Dr.Lorna Wanzel

Dr. Lorna Wanzel offers private lessons and classes based on the Royal Conservatory of Music syllabus from Levels 5 to ARCT in all theoretical subjects including Rudiments, Harmony, Counterpoint, Analysis and History of Music.  These courses prepare students for the RCM Theory exams, which are also co-requisites and prerequisites for the practical examinations at these levels. 

We will be following the RCM syllabus for all our courses in preparation for the RCM theory examinations in May.  All these courses require two semesters of 15 weeks each. Each semester has 15 weekly one hour lessons, for a total of 30 weekly lessons, which will commence on September 10th and end in early May.


Fall Theory Schedule

Tuesday – 4:30pm ARCT Harmony

Wednesday – 6:30pm Harmony 10

Saturday – 9:00am Level 8 Theory, 10:00am Level 6 Theory, 12:30pm Harmony 9

Sunday – 1:00pm Adult theory class Basic theory


All these classes will be at my home studio except for the Saturday Theory 8 and Theory 6 classes, and the Sunday Adult Class.

Times and days are subject to change, so we can accommodate the majority of those students wanting to join Dr. Wanzel’s classes.

Theory Rudiments Crash Course with Matthew Richard

This 15 week course is aimed at students who have already started learning an instrument, but who have minimal background or training in Music Theory. The course covers the essential elements of Western music: rhythm, pitch, intervals, scales, chords, basic harmony, and more. The course focuses on the practical aspect of music theory, applying everything taught back to playing the instrument, and encourages active musical participation.


Wednesdays – 6:00pm 

Fee: $290/term

(Note: the material covers up to RCM Theory level 5, but the student should ask the teacher for supplementary material if they intend to transition to the graded RCM Theory curriculum.)

Music Theory Class with Daniel MacNeil

Learn about music basics with the Royal Conservatory Music Theory Syllabus Books Preparatory Level 1 to Level 5 in a fun group setting.
Students will gain knowledge about pitch and notation, rhythm and meter, intervals, scales, chords, melody and composition, analysis and music terms and signs.


Instructor: Daniel MacNeil
Time: Wednesday 5:30pm – 6:15pm
Fee: $240 for 15 classes

Schedule: February 1st – May 17th