Private Lessons

School of Music

Private music lessons are at the heart and core of the music education services that Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts offers. In this environment, students of all ages and abilities can receive solo instruction in a wide variety of musical instruction, instrumental disciplines, and stylistic genres. Private music lessons accommodate students’ personalized needs and match their unique desires and ambitions, whether that be introductory steps into their musical journey or building the foundations of professional pursuit in music.

Private music lessons are scheduled with flexibility to accommodate student availability. We offer classes from 9 am – 9 pm, every day of the week. Lessons can be held on a weekly basis, with 18 weeks in each term, or on a more infrequent basis to match the desires of the student. Lessons are scheduled directly between the faculty member and the student, making it easy to communicate and make adjustments, if necessary, as the year unfolds.

Currently, private lessons are provided in a number of areas, including:




Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts School of Music offers high-quality instruction under the guidance of exceptional music instructors, all of whom offer private lessons either at the Conservatory or from their home private studios.

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