Csaba (Chubba) Kanyasi - Drums, Percussion


Béla Bartók Jazz College, Budapest/Hungary

Macquarie University, Adelaide/Australia

Csaba (Chubba) Kanyasi has been playing music for over 40 years and teaching for more than 30. Though jazz is his main passion, he performs in various styles. Now a resident of Halifax, Chubba was born in Hungary where he attended the Béla Bartók Jazz College in Budapest. Later he studied jazz at Macquarie University in Adelaide, Australia. 


Since moving to Canada, Chubba has performed with a great number of talented musicians including Mike Murley, Jeff Riley, Jamie Gatti, Silvio Pupo and Sylvie Proulx. He’s supported all variety of groups including the Shirley Jackson band and Alma Latina and currently is a member of Flamenco En Rouge. He enjoys participating in music festivals throughout Nova Scotia and beyond, including many jazz and multicultural events. He loves nothing more that passing on his passion for percussion to students of all ages and abilities. & Percussion Lessons

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