Rosemary Kristof - Piano

Rosemary Kristof - Piano Instructor



Diploma in Performance


Diploma in Performance.

Rosemary’s early studies took place in Jamaica, W.I. with Isabelle Hicks leading to the L.R.S.M. Diploma in Performance, and one year later she obtained the Performer’s A.R.C.T. in Toronto with teachers Douglas Bodle and Pierre Souvairan. After this she had 7 years of post-graduate study with University of Toronto Faculty of Music Professor Greta Kraus, who was appointed a member of the Order of Canada in 1992.

Rosemary was a member of the teaching staff for several years at the Toronto Royal Conservatory before moving to Halifax, where she has been teaching at the M.C.P.A. since 1982. Rosemary enjoys inspiring the joy of playing the great masters in students of all ages and grades.

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